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 Why Airport Advertising?  |  U.S. Overview  |  World Overview

Why Airport Advertising?

The airport is the ideal venue to let ideas take flight. Industry-leading business travelers are looking to be informed, and affluent leisure travelers are looking to spend both their money and time. In short, if you're flying, you're waiting, and the airport is a unique environment in which there is a captive audience with guaranteed, substantial dwell time. 


JCDecaux is the market leader in Airport advertising, with North American concessions for 15 airports that are serviced by seven sales offices throughout the country.

  • Airports in six of the top ten DMAs
  • The top three international airports in the U.S.: John F. Kennedy International, Los Angeles International and Miami International airports
  • Comprehensive DMA coverage with majority of Origin & Destination airports

JCDecaux successfully reaches over 525 million annual airport passengers in its U.S. airports and is by and far the most experienced developer and operator of advertising displays in airports across the country. JCDecaux's U.S. airport portfolio delivers one of the highest concentration of business passengers and frequent flyers in the industry.


A true leader in creativity and innovation, JCDecaux Airport provides a service to this audience, enhancing the airport experience with progressive media technology and special programs. Our products include a wide range of advertising structures of different formats, as well as exhibition spaces, and by customizing these flexible media programs, advertisers' objectives can be met very effectively.  JCDecaux offers brands the perfect platform to reach one of the highest-profile audiences in Out-of-Home Media.

On a regional level, JCDecaux Airport is uniquely qualified to improve advertisers' bottom lines by generating revenue through inexpensive, effective local advertising.  Low CPMs and monthly costs, coupled with audience quality, make your advertising dollars go further.


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U.S. Overview

Listed below is a timeline of JCDecaux's history in U.S. airport advertising design and innovation:


2016 - Added Dallas Fort Worth International on May 2016 to the JCDecaux Airport portfolio

2015 - Launched first U.S. sponsorship program at Los Angeles International Airport & completed its biggest large format digital installation rollout to date, placing nearly 20 digital spectacular screens in airports nationwide

2014 - First Digital Recharge Station launched across 5 U.S. airports, providing passengers with 8 electrical plugs, 6 USB outlets and Qi wireless charging portals

2013 - Installed JFK's Terminal 1 LED Twin Screens, measuring 15 feet wide and 7 feet high, making it visible to 100% of pre-security passengers

2012 - Miami International joins The Prestige Digital Network, making it the 11th airport in JCDecaux's U.S. portfolio with this exclusive digital program

2011 - MasterCard takes over the digital branding experience at JFK's Terminal 8, and also installs the first-ever concierge lounge in T8's Concourse B

2010 - First Digital Interactive Expo launched at JFK's Terminal 8 featuring award-winning, high-tech interactive programs

2009 - First Innovate Expo / Experimental Lab launched in NYC with interactive TouchScreens and other cutting-edge technologies

2008 - ExxonMobil takes over the digital branding experience at JFK's Terminal 8

2007 - At JFK's Terminal 8, introduced the largest digital branding initiative to date in any U.S. airport for Microsoft

2006 - First all-digital network introduced at LAX

2006 - Introduced the Jet Bridge exterior branding program at JFK, which expanded to LGA, EWR, MIA, and LAX

2006 - Launched the first-ever branded recharge station network - PowerPoles™- for travelers' use

2005 - Introduced the Baggage Carousel "Light Bag" to the U.S.

2005 - Introduced the first Airport Amenity Unit (AAU) in the world

2003 - Introduced large format scrolling backlit displays

2000 - Introduced vinyl wall wraps in partnership with 3M

1999 - Introduced large format ceiling-suspended banners to U.S. airports

1998 - Introduced digital plasma screen technology to U.S. airports

1994 - First to integrate multimedia-themed community partnerships

1993 - First to sell multiple networks of backlit dioramas across several airports

1992 - Introduced large format exterior backlit displays to the U.S.

1990 - Introduced large format spectacular backlit displays to the U.S.


To reflect the ever-increasing changes in the airport environment and to remain on the cutting-edge of media, JCDecaux constantly reevaluates its offerings to advertisers by developing new products, formulas, and concepts. The ability of our group to reinvent itself is how JCDecaux maintains its status as the world leader in airport advertising.


JCDecaux invented the majority of successful advertising concepts and media themes now used throughout the out-of-home advertising industry. While imitation by our competitors is flattering, we recognize that it takes constant innovation to keep heads turning to look at the various technologies and showcases with which advertisers want to be associated.

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World Overview

Number One Outdoor Advertising company in the world

Number One Worldwide In Airport Advertising

With a 28% share of the world airport advertising market and a portfolio of 218 concessions in international airports, including London's Heathrow, Paris' Roissy Charles de Gaulle and Orly, Hong Kong, Milan and Frankfurt, JCDecaux is the number one player worldwide in this field.

The number of airports across JCDecaux's 38 countries is as follows: Algeria (7), Bahrain (1), Belgium (2), Brazil (3), Colombia (1), Czech Republic (1), Denmark (4), Dominican Republic (3), France (27), Germany (3), India (1), Italy (5), Latvia (1), Lesotho (1), Luxembourg (1), Madagascar (1), Malawi (1), Mozambique (7), Oman (2), Panama (1), Peru (13), Poland (1), Portugal (8), PR China (9), Rep. of Ireland (1), Russia (1), Singapore (1), Saudi Arabia (26), South Africa (8), Spain (41), Swaziland (1), Tanzania (2), Thailand (1), UAE (6), United Kingdom (2), USA (15) and Zambia (3). 

JCDecaux reaches over 2.2 billion air travelers worldwide.

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