Financial Services

Target potential financial services clients by advertising at JCDecaux Airports! JCDecaux air travelers tend to have household incomes that on average are 18% higher than those of the adults in their respective DMAs. These affluent individuals rely on financial services and products to help manage their assets and want to feel confident that they are protecting their future as best as they can.


A wealth of finance-savvy and credit-worthy adults travel through JCDecaux's portfolio of airports. Scarborough research indicates that 60% of JCDecaux air travelers have investments, and when compared to the average adult in the top DMAs, they are:

  • 60% more likely to have a 529 college savings plan 
  • 43% more likely to have mutual funds
  • 38% more likely to have stocks or stock options
  • 33% more likely to have a second home/real estate property, bonds or money market funds
  • 35% more likely to hold a 401k plan

Please download the document on the right for the full findings.