Reach tourists where they already are: at JCDecaux Airports! Our airports offer travel and tourism advertisers a premium opportunity to reach the audience most likely to book leisure and business travel - those people already at the airport. The airport audience consists of repeat travelers who have a high propensity to spend money on business travel, family and couples vacations, and extreme adventures.


Scarborough research indicates this about air travelers in JCDecaux Airport markets:

  • 20.5 million travelers in our airport portfolio have gone abroad on vacation in the past 3 years
  • 79% have stayed in a hotel in the last year
  • They are 88% more likely to have taken 3 - 4 trips outside the Continental U.S. in the past year than the average person in a city with a JCDecaux airport
  • They are nearly two times more likely to have been to Europe, 72% more likely to have been to the Caribbean, and 71% more likely to have been to Canada in the past year than the average adult in a JCDecaux airport market
  • 90% of JCDecaux air travelers have taken a domestic business trip in the past 12 months

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