Experiential marketing is heating up in JCDecaux Airports this summer!

July 24th, 2018

Experiential marketing is heating up in JCDecaux Airports this summer! With three simultaneous exhibits taking place at our top 3 international airports – JFK, LAX and MIA – travelers are getting a sample (literally!) of what these high-end brands have to offer!


Gucci has strategically placed their exhibit in the heart of JFK’s Terminal 8, enhancing the concourse’s retail and shopping experience for all summer travelers. Passengers will have the opportunity to shop & purchase Gucci eyewear as they wait in the departures lounge.


Dewar’s is targeting Millennial travelers in Miami with an interactive exhibit offering them the opportunity to explore the scent profiles of their whisky, learn about their ageing/blending process and participate in whisky pong as they await their flight.


Across the Atlantic at Los Angeles Airport’s Tom Bradley International Terminal, YSL has created a colorfully, bold experiential zone, drawing in this global audience to sample their Volupté Liquid Balm product line and transact onsite.


Summer has become synonymous with “sips and sampling” at our airports; 95% of marketers agree live events help establish in-person connections, while 80% agree live demonstrations/free samples help define consumers’ purchasing decisions. The “try before you buy” airport mantra continues to make new strides in the advertising world, reinventing the concepts, style and promotions it has to offer, never not piquing the interest of our airport audience!

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