Airport Testimonials


  • "JCDecaux has enabled us to reach our target audience with their attention-grabbing dioramas.  We received several comments from many of our customers who saw our dioramas at MIA.  We're excited that JCDecaux has helped us reach our niche so successfully."

    Gil B. Ines, Marketing Manager, BenQ
  • "JCDecaux's Prestige Digital Network was a great way for my client, Lenovo, to brand their line of ThinkPad notebook computers across multiple markets on one media platform. The locations of the units in high traffic and long dwell time areas combined with the flexibility that the digital advertising format provides was a natural fit for Lenovo."

    David Abehsera, President/Chief Strategic Officer, Woo Agency
  • Over the past several years, Barracuda Networks has worked closely with JCDecaux. Throughout the years, we have relied on JCDecaux’s expertise and vast knowledge to help us to determine the best visibility and branding for our product advertisements. This has opened the door for many sales discussions with interested clients who want to hear more about what we do based solely on the advertisements they’ve seen at various airports. In short, JCDecaux has helped us to facilitate sales leads for which we are extremely grateful.


    Based in the Bay Area, Barracuda Networks is an award-winning company that provides security, networking and storage. We look forward to continuing our relationship with JCDecaux.

    Marc Wolfe - Senior Director of Marketing, Barracuda Networks, Inc.