Creative Guidelines

“My guide to a poster is that it is an Exclusive Club. That rectangle shape is the Exclusive Club. Everything that gains access to that shape has to justify its existence within that rectangle – so it has to be a member of that Club. Every image that’s on there has to have a reason to exist; every word on that poster has to justify its existence.”

- Trevor Beattie, Creative Director of TBWA

BOLDNESS, BREVITY, and DRAMA are assets to any kind of advertising.




  • Full motion video/animation content is not permitted; and content should be simple, direct, and easily readable.
  • The message must be easy to absorb at a single glance.
  • The identity of the advertiser should be immediately clear.

“The poster is finished when you can’t find a single element to remove”
-R. Fleege, Advertising Art Director and Copywriter, Robert Fleege & Partners

Be Legible

  • Text should be BIG! Text height should be at a minimum of 1/10th the screen pixel height.
  • Match your typeface to your outdoor campaign.
  • Overly thick or thin type or that which is super imposed over a complicated background should be avoided.
  • Use Sans-Serif fonts.

Color and Contrast

  • White backgrounds are not recommended.


Legible color combinations



visibility in creatives


Clear Brand Image

  • An image attracts the eye and quickly conveys an impression.
  • Simple images are easily read.
  • Outdoor advertising is found within the consumer environment; a clear image enables brand recognition.

Brand Must Stand Out


  • Make sure that the relationship between the design and the brand is self-evident.
  • Keep a consistency across all your advertising campaigns.
  • Use a font that is easily identifiable with your own individual advertising.
  • Enable quick brand recognition through previous awareness of your campaigns.

Celebrities Attract Attention

Using celebrities can increase consumers’ awareness of the ad, capture their attention and make ads more memorable.


3 reasons to consider celebrity endorsement:

  • celebrity values transfer to brands
  • celebrities establish credibility around brands
  • celebrity involvement brings added interest to the campaigns

Involve the Audience

  • Do more than just advertise. CREATE DIALOGUE NOT MONOLOGUE.
  • Involve the audience so they talk and debate your campaign.
  • Challenge the audience; use intrigue, use humor, be different, be bold.
  • The better the consumer involvement, the less media weight a campaign may need.


  • Understand your marketplace, understand your audience.