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Careers at JCDecaux North America

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Why Join Us?

When you work at JCDecaux North America, you work for one of the world's leaders in Out-of-Home media. To be the best means that our people are the best. Whatever your role may be at JCDecaux North America, you will be working with friendly and enthusiastic people who are genuinely passionate about our business. Our multicultural, international work environment provides you with the opportunity to collaborate with people not only across the U.S., but on an international basis as well. 


Career growth at JCDecaux North America is encouraged. Because we strive to attract and retain our intellectual capital, we aim to reward people who demonstrate a positive outlook and a passion for hard work. We expect our team to take ownership of, and pride in, its roles. Sharing ideas, finding solutions, and working in a respecful workplace are hallmarks of day-to-day life at JCDecaux North America.


Our Values

In 2001, when JCDecaux SA became a publicly listed company, the ethical values governing the Group in its relationships with its employees and third parties were gathered together into an Ethical Charter, creating a set of guidelines to be respected by all companies in the Group.

The Executive Board has the great satisfaction to note that the strict principles of integrity, respect for the individual and the rule of law that have been defined and circulated within the Group comply fully with usual practices. Without claiming to be exhaustive, the Ethical Charter outlines standard rules of behavior. The principles underlying these rules are based on the fundamental, historical values of JCDecaux:

  • Quality. Demanding standards and the constant striving to improve our products and procedures have enabled us to build a strong, highly visible image, and to create within the Group a stimulating corporate culture with which all its members can identify.
  • Keeping our word. The capital of trust enjoyed by the Group among third parties, local authorities, advertisers, financial or contractual partners is based on the fact that JCDecaux is known to keep its word. Going above and beyond our contractual obligations is one of the key values of our Group.
  • Integrity. Integrity in our dealings with local authorities, the financial markets and our employees, compliance with the rules of fair competition, the publication of reliable and adequate information, the clear and fair treatment of our partners… these are the fundamental principles enabling the Group to preserve and expand the capital of trust it enjoys.

Attract and Engage

A great company begins and ends with:


The Right Ingredients

JCDecaux North America doesn't just claim to recruit the best talent. Our strategy concentrates in finding the 'best fit' solution for every opportunity within our company and is founded on creating a motivated and diverse workforce.


We focus on putting the right people in the right jobs, ensuring that potential is maximized through the best combinations of skills, aspirations and opportunity.


The Right People

JCDecaux North America succeeds because we attract, develop, and reward people who have the passion to make a significant contribution to the continued growth of our business. We recognize that our people want to make a difference and provide the culture of accountability, challenge and opportunity for them to make an impact.


Global Success Through Local Talent

We are a global organization that truly values local accountability. Our businesses around the world are given high levels of local autonomy while understanding that their combined efforts help JCDecaux succeed globally.  Our people can be proud that they play a major part in both a local and worldwide success story.


We aim to recruit local people who can think on a global level. We hire talented staff whose efforts at a local business level contribute to the global growth of the company. We understand that some of our employees aspire to international careers; depending on business need, opportunities may exist for high performers to assume challenging roles across JCDecaux worldwide.


Total Employment

JCDecaux North America ensures it offers a competitive salary and benefits package across all of our operations. We aim to make our financial compensation as attractive, fair and equitable as possible, which enables us to attract and retain the highest quality individuals and motivate and reward excellent performance.


Our 'total employment' combines the opportunity for exciting development within a globally renowned and respected business with the chance to work with great brands, strong leadership and bright, motivated colleagues.


Celebrating Diversity

JCDecaux North America strives to treat all employees and candidates with equal dignity and respect regardless of gender age, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, political stance or religious belief.


We embrace and take full advantage of our diversity. We value individuality and create an inclusive culture where variety is positively encouraged and all employees are genuinely appreciated for what makes them unique.



JCDecaux North America offers a comprehensive benefits package to eligible employees that includes, but is not limited to:

  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Health care
  • Wellness programs
  • Paid vacation
  • Life Insurance and Disability Coverage