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Eco-Friendly Maintenance
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Since its inception, the JCDecaux Group has been committed to working proactively with its advertising clients as well as Cities, Airlines, and Airport Authorities to actively contribute to the improvement of the urban and airport environments.

The Group has become one of the world's leading outdoor media companies, developing innovative products of the highest quality while adhering to rigorous ethical standards. Such continued and uncompromised dedication to these values will allow JCDecaux to maintain its leading industry position.

Environmental Responsibility

JCDecaux believes that sound environmental management is an essential component of the business' overall responsibilities. The company endeavors to pursue and extend the implementation of measures that will minimize the impact of the Group's activities on the environment; mainly, but not exclusively, by reducing energy and water consumption and by sorting and recycling all waste as much as possible.

JCDecaux North America, Inc. is committed to remaining in compliance with all applicable legal requirements, and strives to prevent pollution and to reduce its environmental footprint.

ISO 14001 Certification, an internationally-recognized standard

The company goal is to meet the highest international standards in the areas of environmental protection and sustainability. As a result of our commitment, JCDecaux North America received its first ISO 14001 certification in early 2014; an internationally-recognized standard for the environmental management of businesses. This certificate confirms that the environmental impact of conducting and operating our business is being tracked, monitored, and continuously improved. JCDecaux is proud to maintain and renew its status each year, most recently in 2017 with a successful re-certification to the newest standard, ISO 14001:2015. 

Design, production, installation, and maintenance

The Group has developed eco-friendly products and designs by using recycled, recyclable, and long-lasting materials, and has developed smart lighting technologies. JCDecaux also conducts lifecycle analyses on these products.


Our maintenance technicians receive regular environmental awareness training on maintenance best practices and on how to minimize the impact of their day-to-day tasks on the environment.


Additionally, the company develops and implements policies to further reduce carbon emissions.


In order to minimize the impact of the Group's activities on the environment, the company has engaged each of its operation sites throughout the country in local initiatives. Waste is selectively sorted in accordance with local regulations and JCDecaux utilizes available local options for recycling and reusing, such as recovering posters, fabric banners, fluorescent tubes, waste packaging materials, glass, electronics, and other waste.

Energy and water conservation

JCDecaux also endeavors to research and implement measures to reduce water and energy consumption. Some of these initiatives include turning off units at night through auto timers or photocell control, switching to LED lighting, using solar-powered lighting, and driving hybrid vehicles.

Environmental sustainability in JCDecaux offices

Sustainability is also an integral part of the daily life and routine at all JCDecaux North America’s offices, mostly through the recycling of paper, cardboard, used batteries, empty toner cartridges, and plastic waste.


For additional information on JCDecaux North America’s Environmental Policy click here.

Social responsibility

Since 1964, the success and reputation of JCDecaux have been built on strong values which have always guided our actions and been core to our culture.

Among those values is the idea that people are key to our development and we therefore are strongly committed to ensuring a safe and respectful work environment for all employees. In the context of rapid international expansion, we believe that our commitment to fundamental social values is more important than ever…”

(Extract from the introductory letter of the JCDecaux International Charter of Fundamental Social Values signed by Jean-François Decaux and Jean-Charles Decaux).


The Group is present in over 55 countries and employs 10,484 people. Human Resources is managed in a decentralized way by each subsidiary. This approach enables the Group to adapt its operating mode to suit the local context and regulations, while complying with the Group Code of Ethics and the JCDecaux International Charter of Fundamental Social Values.

Attracting new talents, maximizing our human capital, retaining employees, promoting local employment, and providing a safe, healthy, and efficient working environment for employees are values at the heart of JCDecaux.


For additional information on JCDecaux’s Global Sustainable Development policy click here: http://www.jcdecaux.com/partners/sustainability