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Prestige Digital Unit

Show viewers that your brand is on the cutting edge with JCDecaux's Prestige Digital Units (PDU). Combining up-to-the-minute technology and unrivalled campaign flexibility, our PDUs make up The Prestige Digital Network, which is comprised of fully-digital, high definition double-sided 70” LCD screens.  Each unit is situated in head-on positions in order to guarantee that this premium advertising medium is seen by all arriving and departing passengers throughout the airport.


The Prestige Digital Network is the only network of its kind in any airport in the U.S. PDUs can host fully or semi-animated creative that allow advertisers to provide a service to passengers (weather, news, sports highlights, local traffic – the options are endless) so travelers can associate directly with the advertiser's brand. Creative can be changed as often as needed to promote monthly or daily messages, providing flexibility to the advertiser that is impossible with a static format.


Visual Area Size of 70” LCD Screen
61" wide x 34.3" high
(1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high)


Overall PDU Unit Size (including base)

67 1/2" wide x 91 1/2" high


Please contact your JCDecaux representative for detailed specificaitons.