Qwikker Study - Red Bull

Red Bull takes off with Qwikker at the Air Race

Red Bull engaged Qwikker’s services at Longleat to take them one step further along the road of experiential marketing. Qwikker’s task was to provide a solution that would enhance the engagement between Red Bull and Air Race visitors, while promoting some brilliant content of previous races from years past.

On the day itself, it was the relevance of the content which made Qwikker’s service such a success. Race-goers crowded around Qwikker’s service points to get in on the Bluetooth experience, and when foul weather dictated the cancellation of races, it was Red Bull’s mobile content which became the main attraction, offering distraction and entertainment to fans.

Qwikker deployed 10 mobile service points in backpacks, in addition to the 10 at fixed areas across the site, providing further chances to engage with the 60,000 attendees. In just one day, our Bluetooth emitting Jacks connected with over 18,000 mobile devices–a total of 30% of race-goers.

Results show that consumers made the most of Qwikker’s unique technology, which allows content to be downloaded even when the user has moved out of Bluetooth range. Two thirds of the total content downloaded was done so over the air, using phones’ GPRS connectivity. And of course, with Qwikker, the Red Bull experience and brand remained on the handsets long after race-goers had returned home.


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