Qwikker Study - Robbie Williams

Qwikker gives fans a Closer Encounter with Robbie Williams

“Content provision to fans in the venue is the next step in creating a total experience for concert-goers. That this content is available via Bluetooth fits with the interactive, immersive ambience we wish to create for the shows.” 

- Michael Loney, ie:music

Robbie Williams is one of the biggest faces in the modern music industry, but even those at the top need to stay on top when it comes to finding innovative ways to interact with fans. When Qwikker teamed up with Robbie Williams on his most recent Close Encounters world tour, Bluetooth marketing went mainstream.


Qwikker designed an application which could quickly and easily be distributed via Bluetooth onto concert-goers handsets for free. The application is branded, and remains embedded on the handset long after the concerts are over. In today’s competitive advertising market, Bluetooth ensures that relevant advertising content is distributed quickly and effectively, on-site, to any target demographic.

Qwikker’s partnership with screen media company BlinkTV ensured excellent calls-to action, which included the large stage screens. As many as 20% of fans were reached by Qwikker, with over 50,000 fans downloading the application onto their mobile


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