Advertising campaign
Panel with live video stream
Advertising campaign
Participants competing for F1 race tickets
Advertising campaign
Heineken Hostess interacting via live-stream video

Heineken races ahead with winning campaign

June 2nd, 2017

In Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, Australians vied for prizes ranging from Heineken vouchers and General Admission Formula One racing tickets to the grand prize of all-expenses paid, VIP F1 racing tickets during Heineken’s interactive OOH campaign. A former contestant on The Bachelor, Olena Khamula, interacted via a video stream with contestants, challenging them to show that they deserved to win the tickets. Over 75,000 pedestrians were exposed to the campaign, and a total of 520 General Admission and 12 all-expenses paid VIP tickets as well as 180 Heineken vouchers were dispensed from the panels which were also outfitted with monitors, microphones, speakers, and 4G modems to facilitate communication between the participants and the “Heineken Hostess.”

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