Advertising campaign
Replica of the Whopper Box in Shanghai transit station
Advertising campaign
Burger King Coupons for Queen's Day
Advertising campaign
Open Whopper Box in Xujiahui Station
Advertising campaign
Passers-by in front of the open Whopper Box on Queen's Day

The reign of Burger Queen

July 13th, 2017

International Women’s Day, March 8th, is now often re-interpreted as Queen’s Day and inspired Burger King’s new campaign in Shanghai entitled “Who is Burger Queen?” Using an entire red brick wall of the Xujiahui Station, Burger King displayed its store sign and a mega replica of its Whopper box with the slogan, “Open the box to find out who is Burger Queen!” Passers-by could play a H5 game to find out if they were Burger Queens and obtain coupons through scanning a QR code. Burger King made International Women’s Day extra special when – on March 8th – the Whopper box installation opened, showing a dummy burger inside, and mirrors were installed on the wall to convey that “Everyone is Burger Queen!” 

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