Advertising campaign
Advertising campaign

Scent-Activated Shelters leave sweet scent of cake on NYC streets

May 3rd, 2018

Life is sweeter when you have cake!


Netflix’s Chef’s Table: Pastry campaign is leaving its scent of success on the streets of NYC! With scent-activated shelters on the Upper West Side and East Village, passersby can smell and almost taste the delectable treats showcased on the show! Christina Tosi, the owner of Momofuku Milk Bar, is one of the leading pastry chefs featured on the show and was so excited to see this activation close to home and her cake featured on the shelter’s ad panel, that she took to posting the bus stop on her Instagram, receiving nearly 20K “likes” on the photo.


The innovative activation will continue until May 6th, and encourages those who sense the incredible scent to visit their nearest Milk Bar to feed their pastry cravings.  

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