Education matters to adult MallScape shoppers. Across the entire MallScape portfolio, shoppers tend to have more college and postgraduate degrees than most adults in the top DMAs. It is likely that our shoppers will pass their value of education onto their children and encourage them to pursue a college degree.

According to Scarborough research:

16% of MallScape shoppers have teenagers in their households.


Nearly one fourth of all of our adult shoppers fall within the typical college group: 18-29.


JCDecaux MallScape shoppers are 42% more likely to obtain a college degree than the average adult in JCDecaux MallScape DMAs.


MallScape shoppers are 58% more likely to seek a postgraduate degree than most adults in JCDecaux MallScape DMAs.


Dolphin Mall shoppers are 67% more likely to continue in higher level education than the average adult in the Miami DMA.


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Source: 2013 The Arbitron Company/ Scarborough Research Corp./VNU