The Mall Phenomenon*


  • There are 114,846 shopping centers in the United States.
  • 2,690 shopping centers are over 400,000 square feet.
  • 502 shopping centers are over 1 million square feet.
  • US shopping centers retail sales have increased from $3.63 trillion in 2009 to $4.35 trillion in 2012.


Shopping Habits

  • The mall continues to be the central gathering place in almost every community.
  • 75% of all Americans visit a mall at least once a month.
  • Shopping malls have become the third most frequented location for Americans, after home and work.
  • Shopping at the mall is a social experience: 81% of Americans shop with someone else.
  • On average, shoppers visit 3.4 times per month and stay 1 hour and 24 minutes.
  • Mallgoers enter approximately 2 stores per trip and make purchases in at least 1 store.
  • Impulse purchases are made primarily in mall shops.


Shopping Center Buying Patterns

  • Shopper spending at malls per month increased from $316.80 in 2010 to $330.82 in 2012.
  • On average, shoppers spend $105.11 per visit and average $3,910 in annual expenditure at a mall.
  • 81% of shoppers make at least 1 purchase per mall trip.
  • 27% of shoppers have HHI in excess of $100K and they spend about $155 per visit.
  • Browsers spend $122.09 per visit
  • Destinations purchasers spend $128.36 per visit.
  • Female shoppers spend slightly more than male shoppers per month: $344.25 vs. $321.84.

*Refer to pdf for source information