Real Estate

MallScape Shoppers mainly live in single-family houses (62%) and apartments (18%) with home values higher than the country average.


According to Scarborough research: 

  • MallScape shoppers are 60% more likely to use a real estate agent to find a residence than most Americans in the top DMAs. 
  • Over 65% of MallScape shoppers own their residence.
  • In the Dallas DMA, MallScape shoppers are more than twice as likely to own a second home than most adults in that market. In addition, MallScape shoppers in Los Angeles are 4 times more likley to buy a second home within the next year than most adults in that JCDecaux DMA.
  • 56% of MallScape shoppers in the New York DMA plan to do some home improvement within the next year.
  • MallScape shoppers across the JCDecaux MallScape DMAs spent an average $4,517.41 on total home improvements last year.


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Source: 2013 The Arbitron Company/ Scarborough Research Corp./VNU