Eating out is an integral part of MallScape shoppers' lifestyle. They go out for various reasons - whether to attend business lunches, to grab a bite to eat at the food court while shopping, or to have a cup of coffee.


According to Scarborough research:


MallScape shoppers are 69% more likely to eat in excess of ten times a month at sit-down restaurants and 42% more likely to eat at fast food restaurants than most Americans in the JCDecaux DMAs. 


They also tend to go more often to upscale venues (88%), to coffee houses (59%), and to seafood restaurants (16%) than most adults in the JCDecaux DMAs.


MallScape shoppers are 35% more likely to eat monthly at steak houses than most adults in the JCDecaux DMAs.


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Source: 2013 The Arbitron Company/ Scarborough Research Corp./VNU