Beyond their retail purpose, shopping malls have become community centers for social and recreational activities. MallScape malls are the perfect venue to communicate social messages that will reach people throughout the entire spectrum of the population.


Scarborough research indicates that:


MallScape shoppers are more involved with local socio-political issues than most adults in the top DMAs. 79% of MallScape shoppers are registered to vote in their district of residence. 32% of MallScape shoppers always vote in local elections and 39% always participate in state elections. In addition, 69% of MallScape shoppers always vote in presidential elections.


MallScape advertising networks reach:


Target audiences of women and young adults on average of 3+ times per month.


The elusive teen market. They visit shopping malls more frequently and stay longer than any other shoppers.


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Source: 2013 The Arbitron Company/ Scarborough Research Corp./VNU