Traffic Impact Study

Research Objective:

To identify whether or not the foot traffic to a Cellular Brand’s retail locations was impacted by their street furniture ad campaign running from August 2016 through the end of January 2017 in Chicago.

Research Background Information: 

  • JCDecaux worked with a leading Mobile Measurement company, to identify the foot traffic behaviors between the following two groups of users:

    • The test group consisted of people who were exposed to the Out-of-Home (OOH) ad AND visited a designated retail location

    • The control group consisted of people who did NOT see the OOH ad AND visited a designated retail location

  • Ad exposure was defined by a 131 ft. custom, polygonal  geo-fence around each advertising locations that also factored in direction and the potential viewpoint of the ad poster to pedestrians.

  • The Mobile Measurement company leveraged and analyzed mobile location data of all the users exposed to the OOH advertisements

  • The study limited the impact of the ad campaign on retail foot traffic over a seven-day time period

Campaign Results

  • There was a consistent footfall increase ranging from 82% to 108% between those exposed to the ad and those who weren’t
  • Consequently, a customer or potential customer exposed to the Out-of-Home campaign from JCDecaux were more than twice as likely to visit a designated retail location compared to the control  group (people who were not exposed to the Out-of-Home campaign)
  • This study clearly illustrates the strength of JCDecaux’s street furniture in reaching the Carrier’s audience and in driving them to their stores.