NYDN in Progress


JCDecaux offers 3,700 shelters and 300+ newsstands throughout the five boroughs of New York City, each capable of targeting unique audiences and providing memorable campaigns.


Additionally, JCDecaux is at the forefront of the digital revolution, delivering digital content on brilliant high-definition screens throughout the streets of Manhattan. With continually growing networks of digital locations, our street furniture can support the newest emerging technologies such as day parting and live feeds allowing a multitude of creative possibilities.


NYDN - The New York Digital Network encompasses 240+ digital bus shelters and 48 digital state-of-the-art newsstands all south of 92nd Street in Manhattan, which represents the largest street level digital display network in NYC. The digital conversion of the Fifth Avenue Media Mile in October 2016, with the installation of thirty 84" LCD screens, marked the launch of NYDN.


Our network capabilities include dynamic content features and slow motion ads all under the umbrella of SmartBRICS, our ad management system which optimizes content delivery by location and time of day in order to match the client intended target audience.


Visit the page weekly to view our increasing coverage and latest NYDN news.