Street Furniture Testimonials


  • ‘‘I want to express to you my continued satisfaction in working with JCDecaux’s media opportunities.  We’ve always been able to come back to you year after year for all types of airport signage for Emerson and Standard Federal Bank.  We’ve also seen our regional McDonald’s and LaSalle Bank clients advertise on your beautiful bus shelters.  I’ve been really excited just in the past few months to see our new clients utilize many of JCDecaux’s opportunities.  For example, we’ve had regional McDonald’s, LaSalle and Standard Federal Banks to advertise in your malls and we have had Chicago Tribune advertise on your shelters just in the past four months!  To see our clients see the benefits of what your company has to offer and to see them be pleased with the results is very gratifying."

    Alison Kruse, Outdoor Media Group, Chicago


  • "Our goals with the new Moet & Chandon campaign is to energize the imagery brand while respecting its incredible heritage.  When planning our effort for the San Francisco market, JCDecaux columns were an obvious choice: Their premium location provided us with an opportunity to develop a precise connection with out target.  And the column format embodies French elegance, like Moet & Chandon."

    Bertrand Steip, SVP Product Group Director, Schieffelin & Somerset
  • "MAV Outdoor partnered with JCDecaux for our client's SKYY Vodka Transit Shelter campaign in Boston.  With the immergence of so many competing brands and new vodka varieties, the goal of our campaign was to keep the SKYY brand fresh in consumers' minds as they were inundated with competitor advertising.  JCDecaux was instrumental in pinpointing our marketing strategy and delivering targeted locations that positioned SKYY in the most visible locations.  The combination of meticulously selected target demographics and the high volume of traffic surrounding our ads made for a very effective campaign.  The success of this campaign has made Boston Transit Shelters a key market and format in our ongoing national ad strategy.  We have been very pleased with JCDecaux's professional courtesy and business capabilities and we look forward to working with them again on future campaigns."

    Bruce Friedlander, MAV Outdoor for SKYY Vodka


  • “Using OOH as a focal point to Gap’s ‘Black Skinny Pant’ program, our client has been able to surpass sales expectations. Our mix involved a significant amount of transit and street furniture and with JCDecaux’s assistance in placement and execution we were able to raise the awareness and kick off the product launch in a big way.”

    Tim Meyer, Starcom, Assistant Media Director

Automobiles and Transportation

  • "We utilized the JCDecaux Streetscape program to coincide with the introduction of our newest vehicle at the Chicago Auto Show.  We see it as the ideal way to break through the clutter of everyday life and integrate into someone's daily routine.  Wherever a potential customer went in the city, our new model was staring them in the face.  It helped create a local buzz leading up to the show and helped drive incremental traffic and exposure at our display.  Thanks to the entire JCDecaux team for making it so easy.”

    Michael Hand, Advertising and Promotion Manager, General Motors, Buick Division

Cultural Institutions

  • "[For the Chicago Botanical Garden], the JCDecaux bus shelters proved to be among the best vehicles we used in our campaign. We heard from board members, members, staff, first time garden users, colleagues, etc. that the bus shelters were a knockout. Even more interesting is the fact that the bus shelters were the first pieces of communication to launch the campaign. Immediately, our special url:, began to receive hits. People were actually reading the posters and remembering the url. And then going online! Your streetscapes remain among my favorite ways to advertise. They look terrific, deliver a great reach and penetration...”

    Ann M. Cunniff, SVP, Director of Creative Services, Turner Advertising, Chicago


  • "Ariel Mutual Funds launched a campaign with JCDecaux in mid-June to promote our brand throughout the city and reach Chicago's summertime visitors. As our ads began appearing in downtown bus shelters, we received unsolicited feedback from shareholders and potential investors alike who took notice of our 'slow and steady' message. We were so pleased with the unexpected results that we extended our campaign."

    Jennifer G. Berger, VP, Marketing Communications, Ariel Mutual Funds
  • "Citibank strives to reach their target consumer using advertising vehicles that complement the brand message while showcasing the creative concept.  For the past few years, we have utilized JCDecaux's San Francisco street kiosks during key strategic periods.  The kiosks are unique in size and design and are positioned in premium, high-traffic areas of this dynamic city."

    Carol Rothschild, Mediaedge:cia, Senior Partner/Assoc. Director of Out of Home Media

Food and Beverages

  • “With the new product launch of our line of Frozen blends, Krispy Kreme sought media that could deliver the visual appeal of the product as well as the reach to our entertainment–seeking target audience, JCDecaux did just that. Their bus shelter program allowed us to grow awareness of our new products offering while maintaining the grassroots, non-traditional style of marketing our brand is based upon. The program provided a platform for cost efficient media in a targeted setting when potential fans are out and about, enjoying themselves.”

    Tina Bryan, VP of Marketing - Krispy Kreme
  • "JCDecaux's Chicago bus shelters play a vital roll in the launch of our client's brand, Campbell's Soup at Hand.  The larger-than-life backlit canvas of these units, the strategic distribution of locations and the cost efficiency of the program helps us to generate awareness and increase impressions with our hard-to-reach target, the "woman on the go" as she travels to work, shop or play."

    Carol Rothschild, Senior Partner, Mediaedge:cia, New York

Luxury Goods

  • "Ferragamo has a history in the U.S. of more than 75 years and a large distribution in Chicago including an important boutique downtown.  We were looking for a key opportunity  to reinforce our awareness and increase our sales in a difficult business climate. We seized the opportunity to be a part of the Chicago street furniture launch and work with Decaux's passionate and professional sales team and we don't regret it: [we've had a] 50% increase in our boutique traffic during the campaign and a sales increase of more than 20%! Certainly our biggest local success in a long time. We aren't stopping there... in the fall we'll continue the program in Chicago and possibly in other cities as well."

    Jean-Marc Gallot, President, Ferragamo USA

Media and Movies

  • "The JCDecaux kiosks are visually striking and break through the clutter of downtown San Francisco.  The architectural design, size, and locations of the kiosks make them an important part of the outdoor mix in the Bay Area.  I've had the opportunity to purchase them for several movies and have always been pleased with the results.  Too bad they sell out so quickly."

    Kris Persson, VP of Media, MGM Studios
  • “Our partnership with JCDecaux in launching "M:i:III" in Chicago allowed us to develop a unique and innovative campaign.  JCDecaux gave us an edge by embedding LCD screens into our bus shelter ads, creating an "eye grabbing" experience that not only engaged moviegoers, but generated a buzz throughout the city."

    Kris Persson, VP, Non-Broadcast Media, Paramount Pictures
  • “Being a new brand, it’s critical for RedEye to gets its messages out in a loud, bold, visible way.  The bus shelters did just that.  They allowed our creative messages to sing thanks to size, backlighting and locations.”

    Kelly Shannon, Director of Brand Marketing, Chicago Tribune
  • "The Chicago CIPs and transit shelters looked fantastic, and the show received great ratings. The clients at A&E and the whole gang at Horizon are ecstatic. We were so glad to be able to break into Chicago with this effort and couldn't have done it without you. Thanks again for everything."

    Fahad Khawaja, OOH Supervisor, Horizon Media, New York


  • “We love the new bus shelters all over town provided by JCDecaux. They give us an opportunity to reach our customers while they’re standing at the bus stop as well as while they are in traffic or driving by. The shelters look great, they are well maintained by JCDecaux and best of all, they are really effective – we were pleased by the responses we have received from the shelters. I’m sure we’ll continue to use them in future campaigns."

    Tessa Burton, Marketing Director, Northwestern Memorial Hospital
  • “We began a bus shelter advertising program with JCDecaux in August of 2006. I found them to be extremely professional and efficient to work with. They listened closely to my advertising needs and helped me design a program to best meet them. The resulting ads looked fabulous and I continue to receive a great deal of positive feedback about them. ACCESS is able to track the effectiveness of our marketing activities through our toll free line and since the campaign began, we’ve noticed a definite increase in calls and patients being linked to us for health care services.  Overall, my experience with JCDecaux was very positive. I definitely plan to renew and even expand my current program.”

    Lindsay Calcatera, Director of Marketing and Communications, Access Community Health Network
  • “The JCDecaux Chicago Shelters are great!   I am convinced that Chicago is the perfect city for transit shelters. The grey backdrop really allows the creative to pop.  Plus, the city itself is aligned nicely with our brand.  It is evident that great care is taken by JCDecaux to maintain the transit shelters in Chicago.  This high level of quality is especially important when aligning our brand with any medium.”

    Stacey Conway, Brand Marketing Manager, The New England Journal of Medicine

Sport and Entertainment

  • “The JCDecaux Streetscapes worked great for us. I had numerous people call me and tell me that they see them everywhere and they really pop! Our sales were up this year and I think the JCDecaux Streetscapes contributed to our increase.”

    Darren Baum, Marketing and Sales Director, Feld Entertainment
  • "The opening of the new stadium marked a new era in the Bears' rich tradition and history.  JCDecaux bus shelters were an effective part of the Chicago Bears '03 marketing campaign.  The bus shelters provided a perfect palate to showcase fan loyalty, deliver the story of the Chicago Bears and celebrate the next chapter in the franchise's history.   It definitely enhanced the Bears' overall branding message as it added a strong visual, grass roots community component to the media mix.  In addition, the JCDecaux staff is professional, responsive and knows their business. They, quite simply, manage expectations and get the job done."

    Linda Connors, Director of Marketing and Communications, Chicago Bears Football Club
  • “The JCDecaux shelter was a new and very successful advertising campaign for our 54th annual Art Fair... we were able to strategically place our poster to attract many eyes from commuters and drivers, and also for our arriving artists to see as they arrived for this world class event. We also took numerous day and night photos of the ads to use for promotion for next year. The unique and classic design of the shelters make them instantly recognizable as Chicago, like a hot dog stand in NYC."

    Dan Baldwin, Marketing Director, Old Town Art Fair


  • “Bus Shelter advertising has added an up-scale feel to our outdoor campaign. The display is striking, especially in the evening. The care and upkeep with the shelters is impeccable and the attention I receive from my representative passes all other! JCDecaux has introduced our services to the market in a new and refreshing way.”

    Olivia Alger, Marketing Manager, RCN Chicago
  • "At Apple, we like to do things in the biggest and best way possible.  With the launch of the new flat-panel iMac at MacWorld San Francisco in January, we wanted to blanket the city with the revolutionary news.  The vast, citywide coverage and superior design of the JCDecaux Kiosks were the only natural fit to deliver this message.  The incredible response from our customers and the people of San Francisco confirmed the success of the program and our commitment to our partnership with JCDecaux."

    Christine Weil, Worldwide Advertising Manager, Apple