Street Furniture Testimonials


  • “We love the new bus shelters all over town provided by JCDecaux. They give us an opportunity to reach our customers while they’re standing at the bus stop as well as while they are in traffic or driving by. The shelters look great, they are well maintained by JCDecaux and best of all, they are really effective – we were pleased by the responses we have received from the shelters. I’m sure we’ll continue to use them in future campaigns."

    Tessa Burton, Marketing Director, Northwestern Memorial Hospital
  • “We began a bus shelter advertising program with JCDecaux in August of 2006. I found them to be extremely professional and efficient to work with. They listened closely to my advertising needs and helped me design a program to best meet them. The resulting ads looked fabulous and I continue to receive a great deal of positive feedback about them. ACCESS is able to track the effectiveness of our marketing activities through our toll free line and since the campaign began, we’ve noticed a definite increase in calls and patients being linked to us for health care services.  Overall, my experience with JCDecaux was very positive. I definitely plan to renew and even expand my current program.”

    Lindsay Calcatera, Director of Marketing and Communications, Access Community Health Network
  • “The JCDecaux Chicago Shelters are great!   I am convinced that Chicago is the perfect city for transit shelters. The grey backdrop really allows the creative to pop.  Plus, the city itself is aligned nicely with our brand.  It is evident that great care is taken by JCDecaux to maintain the transit shelters in Chicago.  This high level of quality is especially important when aligning our brand with any medium.”

    Stacey Conway, Brand Marketing Manager, The New England Journal of Medicine