Street Furniture Testimonials


  • “Bus Shelter advertising has added an up-scale feel to our outdoor campaign. The display is striking, especially in the evening. The care and upkeep with the shelters is impeccable and the attention I receive from my representative passes all other! JCDecaux has introduced our services to the market in a new and refreshing way.”

    Olivia Alger, Marketing Manager, RCN Chicago
  • "At Apple, we like to do things in the biggest and best way possible.  With the launch of the new flat-panel iMac at MacWorld San Francisco in January, we wanted to blanket the city with the revolutionary news.  The vast, citywide coverage and superior design of the JCDecaux Kiosks were the only natural fit to deliver this message.  The incredible response from our customers and the people of San Francisco confirmed the success of the program and our commitment to our partnership with JCDecaux."

    Christine Weil, Worldwide Advertising Manager, Apple