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Transportation Advertising

 Why Transportation Advertising?    |  U.S. Overview  |  History  |   World Overview

Why Advertise on the PATH and/or PABT?

By advertising in both the PATH and at the Bus terminal (PABT) you are reaching 64% of all New Jersey commuters using public transportation into NYC which represents 140 million annual passengers in the number 1 market in the U.S.

New York City has, by far, the highest rate of public transportation use of any American city, with 54.8% of workers commuting to work by this means in 2009 (U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey 2009).  Of all people who commute to work in New York City, 1.5 million travel by subway or commuter rail, nearly 877,000 drive alone, and 449,000 take the bus.  The type of public transportation used is dictated by proximity to the nearest existing service in place; hence certain upscale neighborhoods in New Jersey might only have access to bus or train service.

By advertising in either one of these venues, you are reaching commuters who reside in some of the country's most exclusive areas such as Bergen, Morris and Essex counties.

Further more, the advertising signs inside the PATH's 340-car fleet and13 stations as well as those found inside the PABT, combined with high traffic ridership, will bring frequency of exposure to any advertising campaign!


U.S. Overview

JCDecaux solely provides transport advertising in New York City on the PATH, a commuter train system linking New Jersey to NYC, at the PABT, the world's largest bus station, and on a large wall outside the Lincoln Tunnel near the Jacob Javits Convention Center.



JCDecaux acquired the right to manage and to sell the advertising in the three NY airports, the PABT, PATH, and on the Lincoln Tunnel wall after winning the Port Authority of NY and NJ contract in 2005.  Through this contract JCDecaux reaches the majority of the people coming into the NY DMA or circulating within this market.


World Overview

JCDecaux North America is part of an international media and communications company, JCDecaux Out-of-Home Media Group, founded in 1964. JCDecaux is the world leader in out-of-home media with advertising panels across more than 50 countries that reach over 300 million people worldwide every day. It is Europe's largest billboard owner and the world's largest owner of street furniture.

JCDecaux is the number one world leader in transport advertising with 287 transport contracts in metros/subways, buses, tramways, and trains. 


The type of advertising transport contracts by country is as follows:







 (metro, bus, tram)



Czech Republic

(metro, bus, tram)


(metro, bus, train, tram)


(metro, bus, tram, truck)




(metro, bus, tram)


(metro, bus, train, tram)

PR China

(metro, bus, tram)


(bus, taxi)


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