Happy birthday to the Most Magical Place on Earth! October 1st marked the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World. To celebrate, the iconic theme park and resort partnered with JCDecaux Airport to run a campaign on our baggage claim domination at MCO.
Orlando International Airport is the main travel hub in the theme park capital of the world and the closest airport to the Walt Disney World resort. With static and digital advertising opportunities capturing the attention of travelers throughout the airport, JCDecaux’s OOH networks in MCO are the ideal place to reach Disney aficionados and other theme park visitors as they fly into town.
MCO has been a top performing airport in the US throughout the pandemic- currently ranking as #1 in Florida and #8 in the nation. Over the summer, domestic passengers surpassed 2019 levels for two years in a row. A top warm weather destination, Orlando International Airport will continue to welcome vacationers as the colder months approach.
With so many years of history, Walt Disney World and the Disney franchise couldn’t pick just one creative to honor their legacy. A plethora of popular characters as well as scenes from the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom populate the large-scale wall wraps and backlit banners at baggage claim. Long dwell times as passengers await luggage generates high exposure for advertisers who own and dominate this space.
Disney’s theme parks have seen high demand throughout their phased reopening, which started in mid-July 2020. According to Forbes interviews with Disney CEO and CFO, park capacity has been at or near their daily capacity levels, a level which is undisclosed but the company plans to increase in a “aggressively though measured” way. Despite the pandemic, Magic Kingdom maintained its status as the #1 highest attended amusement/theme park in the world, with all four parks at Walt Disney World ranking in the top 10.
Disney is a frequent partner of JCDecaux for campaigns across our OOH advertising networks. Their latest campaign with JCDecaux Airport at MCO was the perfect way to commemorate the 50th anniversary of their most popular theme parks.