MOBILE: Bridging the Physical & Digital worlds.

Using geo-location insights coupled with behavioral data, Mobile helps amplify the Out-of-Home campaign to further an advertiser’s campaign reach.

JCDecaux geo-fencing strategies enabled by our ecosystem of vetted mobile platform partners will allow you (Brands) to continue the conversation by delivering mobile advertising banners to your target audience when they are within a defined geofence or proximity of your OOH placements and while they are using an ad- supported app or browsing the web on their phone.
By utilizing these geo-fencing strategies, you can create a lasting connection between your brand and your target consumer beyond the physical space.  Combining an OOH campaign with Mobile provides the following benefits:
  • Amplify your impressions
  • Heighten your branded content
  • Increase reach
  • Drive consumers down the marketing funnel, from awareness to web visitation or product purchase
CTR: Click-Through Rate