Designed to integrate: Programs that provide solutions and technology to communities.

Designed to integrate into community and transit landscapes as part of sustainable solutions, JCDecaux programs provide connectivity and accessible technology that work toward advancing transportation equity, such as Wi-Fi, charging stations, 3-D interactive airport directory maps, real time bus arrival information, push-to-talk buttons for the visually impaired, touch screens, and small cell technology. Our digital platforms may be used as emergency communication networks, in Level 1 emergency conditions 100% of the display time is used for public messaging.

Small Cells, Big Network
JCDecaux and Verizon have signed a multi-year contract to deploy Verizon’s small cells integrated in JCDecaux’s USA street furniture assets to offer connectivity solutions that combine dense urban 4G LTE networks with aesthetically pleasing and innovative hosting solutions.

Our programs provide capital investment and complete program management, including all ongoing maintenance and provide a platform for networked communication, and while also by using data, we identify concrete services desired by the communities we serve.

JCDecaux innovation is focused on social and cultural connections, in addition to the technical aspects of public transportation.  JCDecaux embraces the diversity that makes up its constituents, whether found in city neighborhoods or in airport terminals. The ”Pit Stop,” a program that began in San Francisco at our automatic public toilets located in certain corridors with complicated social issues and extended to LA, provides jobs for a workforce that faces strong social barriers to employment while also improving the service JCDecaux offers.

Additionally, JCDecaux bus shelters, newsstands and billboards are regularly reinvented as curated art exhibitions for and from local communities in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Transforming our streets and sidewalks into spaces of art appreciation allows for the largescale exposure of contemporary artists across the country.

OOH Art Around The Globe
JCDecaux and The Public Art Fund are extending their partnership beyond borders with their first-ever collaborative exhibit in Africa.
JCDecaux and Microsoft Launch Air Sensor Pilot Program
JCDecaux is partnering with Microsoft Research & Array of Things Team to launch an air sensor pilot using its Chicago street furniture program