Our continuing goal is to increase our use of energy-efficient technologies and innovations in order to reduce our electricity consumption

We have materially reduced our use of electricity through a strategic policies across our operations activities, including the introduction of LED bulbs, optimized schedules of our digital signs which use dynamic dimming technology and we utilize renewable energy where possible such as the installation of installed solar photovoltaic panels in certain of our bus shelter inventory bringing almost 15% of the inventory 100% off the grid. We offset 100% of our electrical consumption, through the purchase of RECs (renewable electricity certificates).

CLEANING and Waste

We focus daily on limiting the waste generated by our field activities, engage in cleaning and recycling practices that reduce any negative impacts we create and constantly challenge ourselves to do better and more while using fewer resources.

We use EPA-certified green cleaning solutions and our recycle practices include 100% of the paper posters, airport banners as well as our electronic and hazardous waste. In 2020 we wer able to divert 229 tons of waste from landfills by sorting and recycling 77% of the waste produced by our infrastructure.  Our technical staff is trained through seminars, daily tips and field experience to conserve resources and reduce our environmental footprint.


Focusing on our use of fuel consumption and fleet emissions, we provide eco-driving training for all our drivers to promote a gentler way of driving and we optimize travel routes and schedules, limiting idling and speed, without sacrificing road safety and the quality of our maintenance services.  Our strategy includes augmenting the proportion of electric and hybrid commercial vehicles in our current fleet whenever feasible.

Strategy, Certification & Commitments

JCDecaux is committed to leading its industry in the reduction of our impact on the environment. From the selection of raw materials and fabrication processes to the training of our staff, we leverage innovation across all industries to combine quality, modularity, durability, ease of maintenance and end-of-life recyclability.

ISO 14001 certified since 2018 [ADD LINK TO CERTIFICATE], it is the first out-of-home company to join the RE100 and commit to 100% renewable energy worldwide by 2022. A member of the JCDecaux Group, which has received some of the highest ratings for sustainability by the extra-financial rating systems.


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