Catch this advertiser on CDN for 365 days.
Luxury watch brand, Richard Mille, has checked in for a year-long stay on JCDecaux’s recently installed Chicago digital billboard. Located on the Kennedy Expressway, this billboard garners almost 3 million impressions every month, as the roadway is one of the busiest in the Chicago DMA.
Richard Mille recognized the power in reaching an unparalleled volume of drivers throughout all times of the day, reserving the full share of the billboard for an entire year. The brand also utilized the billboard space to promote its new retail location, with the intention of driving potential customers to this nearby store. With digital, the advertiser can effortlessly exchange the displayed creative, creating a range of possibilities over a year-long period. The large digital format is optimal for luxury brands, as it allows for them to display their ever-changing designs in high quality graphics.