QR codes on JCDecaux’s unmissable advertising panels are the ideal way for advertisers to extend the impact of their campaigns. With a wide array of uses, QR Codes, or Quick Release codes, deepen the consumer interaction with a brand’s creative and the instantaneous nature of these scannable interactions removes the time and place barriers consumers face to follow through on an ad’s call to action.
GSTQ clothing campaign on nyc newsstand w QR code
JCDecaux’s out of home street furniture placements have coverage of prime locations and key demographics across our Boston, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles markets. Insights and strategic campaign planning allow brands to target specific subsets of a population or area, and QR codes brings this personalization to the next level. Placement specific barcodes can provide advertisers with location-rich data and is a great opportunity for real time tracking of campaign performance and effectiveness.
Moderna Boston QR Codes
The immediacy of QR codes is key to staying fresh in consumer’s minds- with barcodes scanned on the spot, JCDecaux’s out of home street furniture, airports and MallScape networks can become the point of purchase with activations that prompt app downloads, product purchases, application and appointment submissions, and offer coupons.
DFW Peacock streaming olympics exhibition
JCDecaux’s coast-to-coast out of home networks in top US airports are perfectly primed for QR code activations; with extremely long dwell times, consumers have ample time to view and scan campaigns while waiting for flights.
Nature Valley QR Code
Beyond delivering immediate purchasing power, QR codes are powerful tools for delivering brand knowledge, like product information and website links, as well as creating enhanced virtual experiences and teasing new or existing content.
Gibsons Hiring QR Code
QR codes allow brands to build strong multimedia campaigns, tying OOH placements directly to the digital world. At a time of mass digital burnout, digital activations routed through unskippable street level advertising cut through the clutter to reach consumers who are constantly enmeshed in the world of mobile devices. Valuable data, deepened consumer interactions and connections to new technologies are making QR codes an increasingly important tool for savvy marketers.

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