Jewelry ads are becoming increasingly prevalent as the pandemic continues.
Throughout the duration of the pandemic, ad categories have evolved to meet consumers demand. As people accept their new way of life, advertisers are gradually resuming typical campaigns. One category which has returned in full force is fine jewelry.
Cartier, David Yurman, and Razny Jewelers are currently running on our Chicago street furniture and Pandora is running at Chicago’s Oakbrook Mall.
It’s unwavering return into the OOH atmosphere reflects the existing demand for these luxury products, following the strictest stages of quarantine. This interest may be attributed to the upward trend of romantic relationships in the wake of the pandemic. It has been widely observed that many individuals are becoming more serious with romantic partners within this time, whether this means becoming exclusive, getting engaged, or even married.
In our Chicago market, street furniture and mall campaigns often result in immediate audience action, as they drive traffic to nearby stores in which the advertised products are available for purchase. Store location is noted on the creatives, making it even easier for people to find that perfect gift for their significant other.

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