American Express is turning heads at Los Angeles International Airport! Promoting their prestige Centurion Lounge, American Express is captivating travelers in LAX’s largest terminal. Card members flying out of the major international terminal can head over to the lounge for some relaxation as well as a space to work with high-quality food and drinks. This lounge is also great to escape the high traffic areas of TBIT now that the demand for travel is dramatically increasing and national TSA daily passenger counts have surpassed 1 million passengers for 8 consecutive days!
Running on TBIT’s state-of-the-art media network, American Express is making a big statement on these iconic and unique digital landmarks. With a mixture of the eye-catching Story Board, Destination Board, Bridge Media Bands, and Bon Voyage Wall, American Express simultaneously informs travelers of their lounge and elevate their brand.
By utilizing LAX’s massive sites, advertisers completely dominate the high-dwell retail and lounge areas, dramatically raising their profile and consumer engagement.

Check out the full American Express TBIT takeover below!