The lives of consumers have completely changed over the course of the pandemic, resulting in a major shift in audience behavior.

JCDecaux released a sentiment tracker to record these evolving attitudes, garnering nearly 1,000 respondents in the leading markets of New York City, Chicago, and Boston

RETURN to Routines

74% of those surveyed believe that COVID recovery is improving in their city, but safety is still top-of-mind.

Being vaccinated ranked the highest in terms of making people feel the most comfortable returning to public activities such as going out to restaurants, museums, and sporting events.


WALKING BACK into the Workplace

After over a year of remote working, employees are returning to their traditional workspaces as quickly as they left.

Nearly half of respondents (43%) are already back at their offices and many others observe a hybrid model with one-third working from their office 3 days a week, and one-third 4 days a week. It was found that more females plan to go back four days a week than males.


Sentiment Tracker powered by Attest (May 2021)