B2B brands are leveraging JCDecaux’s airport placements during the busy business travel season

Airtable is staying connected to their audience of business decision makers with JCDecaux’s airport advertising networks in LAX! Their series of creatives demonstrate how businesspeople across industries can leverage their software with full motion video across our high-definition Prestige Digital Network and Bridge Media Bands.

The cloud collaboration service is not the only B2B client taking advantage of our airport placements! Amazon Business is raising their brand awareness with eye catching bright ads all throughout Los Angeles International Airport. Their campaign, which started over the summer, will run through late November.

Yellow ad with man's head displayed on two screens in busy airport

As one of the years busiest periods for business travel, the fall months are a great time for B2B brands to target airport audiences; in a study from 2017, expense tracking company Concur found that October and November are the busiest months for air travel and that some of the busiest weeks are in late September.

This season also sees a lot of convention traffic for business travelers. KPMG, a leader in professional services, is taking advantage of this with a campaign targeted to Workday Rising, a major business B2B convention in Orlando. Their ads run throughout MCO to reach attendees flying in and out of the busy travel hub.

Travel volume during the first week of this campaign shows great promise for the upcoming business travel and holiday seasons! Between August 31st and September 6th, U.S. air travel daily passenger counts outpaced 2019 six times; Labor Day 2022 was up 8% versus 2019.

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