Balenciaga took to our OOH network to spread the word about their spring 23 collection drop.

Balenciaga’s haute couture season is off to a fresh start with their sportswear inspired pieces for the spring in collaboration with Adidas. The Spanish fashion house took to our digital advertising inventory in New York City to promote their latest show where the collection would take center stage- the first US show in 20 years.

Simple, straight-forward text including the date, time, and website address told urban ad viewers everything they needed to know about the release of the spring collection, allowing for seamless message reception.

This one-week campaign leveraged our strategically located digital newsstands across Manhattan to achieve effective delivery in a format that matches Balenciaga’s bold yet sleek brand image.


Additionally, the DOOH medium reflects and compliments Balenciaga’s recent announcement that they will be accepting cryptocurrencies as payments. In the spirit of this digital advancement, Balenciaga hosted their fashion show on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

 Once again, our urban OOH network demonstrated its value in helping a top brand reach target urban consumers with bold messaging. Balenciaga is one of countless fashion brands choosing to reach fashion-conscious consumers as they update their wardrobes ahead of warmer temperatures.

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