The nation’s most popular sports franchises are leveraging JCDecaux’s digital Out-of-Home advertising networks in Chicago and New York to drive brand awareness, tune-ins, and ticket sales among urban residents.  
NYC - Digital Bus Shelter 

The NBA is celebrating more than their 75th anniversary this season; the National Basketball League has achieved 1.6 million viewers across ABC, ESPN, and TNT- up 20% from last year, and a new post-pandemic record. As the playoff games begin, the NBA is looking to keep their momentum going by driving tune-ins with the help of OOH.

NYC - Digital Bus Shelter

 Creatives like these demonstrate the inherent flexibility of digital OOH, as the featured teams can be swiftly updated as the playoffs progress. It is this ability to maintain contextually relevancy that helps advertisers enhance message impact and subsequent recall.

Reaching consumers outside their homes where they are more susceptible to brand messaging is a key reason why professional sports leagues and their various franchises continue to advertise on JCDecaux inventory.   

NYC - Digital Bus Shelter

The famous Brooklyn Nets are no exception, as they were able to drive awareness and anticipation ahead of their recent play-in game. After this emphatic win on Tuesday, the Nets will continue leveraging OOH to maintain fans’ excitement as they head into the first round of playoffs on Sunday.

NYC - Digital Bus Shelter

As the Nets hold strong in Brooklyn, the Mets and Yankees are starting off a promising season over in Queens and up in the Bronx. MLB teams are longtime users of OOH, as it’s an extremely effective means of driving specific consumer action; this Mets creative features an easy-to-read website address that acts as a clear call to action to passing vehicular traffic and pedestrians.

Chicago - Digital Billboard, Digital CIP

Similarly, the White Sox and Cubs were able to drive ticket sales among Chicago-area sports fans ahead of their Home Opener and Opening Day games, respectively. With the help of OOH, both MLB teams enjoyed wins in-front of packed stadiums.

Chicago - Digital Billboard

The power of OOH in driving consumer action is more than speculation; according to a consumer report from OAAA and The Harris Poll, of the 77% of consumers in cities of 1 million+ population that have recently engaged with an OOH ad, 43% have visited the advertiser’s website.

NYC - Digital Bus Shelter

Meanwhile, a study from Nielsen found that 65% of consumers searched for an advertiser online, visited their website or socials, or posted on social media after seeing a digital billboard ad.

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