Summer is the season for blockbuster releases, and they are officially back for 2021.
Major movie studios are capitalizing on the resurgence of moviegoers, as life returns to normal this summer. Long-awaited premieres, including A Quiet Place Part II, Cruella, and In the Heights, are advertising with us. Running in our malls, on CDN, and on street furniture in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, these campaigns are reaching people across the country.
Summer blockbusters are even more anticipated than usual as many people are just returning to theaters after COVID-induced closures, and this hot premiere season was skipped entirely in 2020. In a recent Harris poll, it was found that OOH has high potential to influence people’s choice of activities as life gets back to normal this summer, with 48% of respondents planning to go to movie theaters. It was also observed that OOH channels significantly raise awareness of movie releases among Gen Z (33%) and Millennials (39%), two generations which are more likely to be out and about than their counterparts.
Movie theater traffic is predicted to be up all summer long, with a Fandango survey finding that 96% of respondents plan to see multiple movies over the coming months. More positive summer cinema trends among the surveyed group include the following:
  • 64% plan to see 5 titles or more in theaters
  • 91% support seeing the biggest blockbuster at the cinema
  • 87% feel that the moviegoing experience cannot be replicated in the home
The box office numbers for the weekend of these two premieres were the highest since the pandemic began, reflecting the incredibly high demand for cinema viewings. Falling on Memorial Day weekend, the three-day count drew in $80.1 million and the four-day count stood at $98.5 million. Movie ads with JCDecaux are expected to match this rebound of in-theater releases, with many campaigns already running across a variety of our inventory. With this category, advertisers recognize the effectiveness of utilizing different platforms in multiple markets, enabling them to reach a diversified audience.