Domestic brands are leveraging JCDecaux's OOH for their Olympic marketing plans.
The Summer Olympics, a globally anticipated event, is finally occurring after last year’s delay. Beginning on Friday, July 23rd in Tokyo, Japan, the competitions are bringing our country’s best athletes overseas with American brand sponsorships and partnerships in tow.
Multiple brands are proudly displaying their involvement with Team USA across JCDecaux’s street furniture and airport inventory. Clothing brands, SKIMS and Polo Ralph Lauren are running on our New York digital street furniture, Comcast’s Xfinity is on our San Francisco Kiosks, and United is populating both of its LAX terminals.
These domestic brands dedicate enormous amounts of effort and capital to support America’s Olympic team including its outfitting, broadcasting of events, and provision of sustenance or overseas transportation. In turn, these labels utilize Olympics marketing to amplify their power, and have purposefully included out-of-home in their plan to do so
The opportunity to be included in this event is of the utmost honor and OOH is a guaranteed channel through which these businesses can relay this message to consumers. Our inventory in both street and airport environments have the potential to reach high volumes of consumers who could have otherwise been unaware of brand associations with the games. Our presence in major markets across the country allows for the impactful advertising of these prestigious partnerships and products simultaneously to much of the American population.

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