Luxury car manufacturer, Genesis, is driving awareness and sales of their new 2023 G90 on our digital bus shelters in New York.

Genesis is taking their new 2023 G90 for a spin on our digital bus shelters. This top-line model is being promoted across our out-of-home panels across New York City to reach a mass audience of urban residents and commuters who may be in search of their next car purchase.

The automotive industry has long relied on OOH to effectively drive engagement, in part due to its public nature that both establishes credibility and reaches viewers where they are most susceptible to brand messaging- outside of their homes while they are on-the-move.

A consumer insights report from the Out-of-Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and The Harris Poll found that of the 43% of consumers that have recently engaged with an automotive OOH ad, 38% visited the advertiser’s website or conducted further research online, while 30% shared information about the ad by word of mouth, and 23% visited the dealer or brand showroom.

Additional findings from OAAA and The Harris Poll found that 52% of consumers in large cities have recently noticed an OOH automotive ad, and that ads about new model releases are the most likely to achieve engagement- indicating that this Genesis campaign is especially relevant to passing eyes on the streets of Manhattan. 

With more individuals out and about this summer, advertisers such as Genesis are leveraging OOH to amplify brand messaging within an advertising format that achieves exceptional return on investment as compared to oversaturated online spaces.

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