JCDecaux Airport collaborated with Hennessy to create a fully immersive 3D display.  

Hennessy brought fierce boxing icon Canelo to life in advance of his highly anticipated fight against Golovkin. Running on our LAX Time Tower in September, this campaign is one of our most eye-catching displays to date!

The ad displayed is an anamorphic video, which uses 3D animation to present onlookers with a larger-than-life image that appears to be popping out of the billboard. Capturing the attention of on-the-go travelers and providing them with an immersive ad experience are key benefits of this format.

With screens that vary greatly from large format dominations to multiscreen clusters, JCDecaux’s digital placements present brands with incredible flexibility to unlock their innovative potential. Across our 1,900+ screens, advertisers can leverage digital flexibility to implement campaigns with dynamic content, full motion video, triggering, and more. In addition to large scale innovations like Hennessy’s anamorphic placements, brands can take advantage of these capabilities for everyday campaigns.


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