TRUFF is the newest player in the hot sauce game, and they’re letting consumers know what sets them apart from the rest with their latest series of captivating Out-of-Home ads on our Chicago digital inventory.

As a self-proclaimed “elevated dining experience,” TRUFF knew that its most recent advertising campaign needed to live up to the hype. Enter Out-of-Home; a medium brands trust to cut through the noise of oversaturated digital spaces and reach consumers where they are most aware of their real-world surroundings.

Launched via Instagram (@sauce) in 2017, this truffle-infused hot sauce producer has since expanded its product line with mayos, oils, and pasta sauces- all of which are featured within ten stand-out, not to mention appetizing, creative variants being activated across downtown Chicago.   

These unique full-motion ads exemplify the complete potential of digital OOH as they achieve both message frequency and variety in a format that can reach consumers near various points of purchase. However, TRUFF’s campaign focuses on more than just in-store sales. 

In recognition of the city’s beloved pizza-culture, this campaign sparks an age-old debate: who makes the best pizza in Chicago? Viewers are encouraged to vote via a QR-code that takes them directly to a voting form within TRUFF’s website.

This clear invitation for immediate engagement falls in line with the campaign’s objective of driving brand awareness and web traffic that can feasibly translate into online sales. It’s real-world action like this that helps up-and-coming brands like TRUFF leave a lasting impression on potential customers.   

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