JCDecaux’s OOH network is starting the year off right by showcasing multiple purpose-driven brands. 
We are proud to promote more purpose-driven brands that encourage meaningful consumer action as we enter the new year. This January, we are showcasing Parade, Youth To The People, Thrive Market, and Bumble, all brands that center around specific missions from promoting body-positive retail to sustainable skincare.  
Our recent campaign with Parade ran on JCDecaux's NYC digital shelters to promote their first brick-and-mortar storefront and boost in-store traffic. Parade underwear has inclusive sizing from XS-3XL, is made from sustainable fabrics, and donates 1% of their profits towards organizations they value.
Another sustainable and socially conscious brand, Youth To The People, is promoting their 100% vegan and cruelty-free products on our NYC digital shelters and our stand-out San Francisco static kiosks. With a commitment of support to nonprofit leaders in climate change, gender equality, race equality, and human rights, Youth To The People is truly “The Skincare of Now,” and OOH is helping to spread its values to consumers across the country. 
Thrive Market utilized our NYC digital newsstands and static shelters to give presence to their online brand with refreshingly bright and simple creatives that highlight their affordable, nutritional, and convenient grocery membership service. Additionally, with every membership created, the company supports families in need, uses free carbon-neutral shipping, and accommodates 70+ diets and lifestyles. 
The dating app, Bumble, has gained traction in the dating scene for its mission to promote female empowerment, healthy relationships and overhaul outdated dating norms. Their current campaign, “Make the First Move,” is running on our Miami International Airport digital network to promote their app's unique feature of only allowing the women to make the first move.

In all, our nationwide OOH network is giving these brands the space and spotlight they deserve to help create future recognition, drive online and in-store traffic, encourage app downloads and overall promote their missions in the real world. 

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