When thoughtfully planned and executed, a celebrity endorsement as part of an out-of-home campaign can elevate perceived credibility, gain valuable visibility, and boost brand awareness among potential customers in new markets.  
Gigi Hadid, Tommy Hilfiger, New York City


According to a MarketWatch claim in Social Media Week - a subsidiary of Adweek, a celebrity endorsement can increase sales by approximately 4% almost immediately. Likewise, global media news source Ad Age found that a company’s stock may rise by up to .25% once a celebrity or athlete partnership is announced.

Patrick Stewart and Mark Hamill, Uber Eats, Boston

While some experts have speculated that the impact of celebrity endorsements has dropped off in the age of social media due to an increasingly skeptical and hyper-aware audience, the power of public figures in driving awareness and influencing consumer trends has not been lost.

Michael Phelps, Talkspace, LAX

A 2015 study from the International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications found that although the use of celebrity influencers does not necessarily impact brand loyalty, it is a powerful tool that can magnify a campaign’s message, improve recall, and add an immediate mark of legitimacy.  

Usher, Remy Martin, Chicago Digital Network


The key is ensuring that a celebrity’s public image aligns with the brand’s attributes, otherwise the partnership can appear forced and inauthentic, effectively undermining the campaign’s integrity. And while broad recognition is helpful in appealing to a mass audience, a celebrity’s larger-than-life reputation can potentially overshadow the product itself.


Dua Lipa, Yves Saint Laurent, New York City

But even with the right face, brand-building is not an overnight feat. Time and frequency are required to embed a message in the minds of consumers, and it’s another reason why celebrities who often jump from partnership to partnership tend to dilute the impact of their own endorsement.

Johnny Depp, Dior, San Francisco

Assuming the right personality is chosen, a campaign that leverages a celebrity’s likeness will have a better chance of standing out in its respective niche. This is especially true in OOH formats due to its public nature that provides an inherent sense of honesty and truthfulness as opposed to oversaturated online and mobile platforms.  

Gal Gadot, Smartwater, New York City


To put it simply, a celebrity endorsement cannot take the place of a comprehensive omnichannel marketing approach that considers the advantages and possible drawbacks of a brand partnership. But when done right, it can truly elevate a campaign’s impact and work to retain loyal customers while attracting new ones.

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