The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has finished its annual run in Las Vegas where the most innovative trends in consumer technology were on full display.

Here is a breakdown of the most innovative technological concepts and new products featured at CES 2022 that you can expect to hear more about in the coming year.

TVs and Accessories

Sonos outdoor advertising on JCDecaux Digital Billboard in Chicago

Samsung, Sony, and Alienware, a computer hardware subsidiary of Dell, formally debuted the first Quantum Dot OLED (QD-OLED) TVs to the public, 15 years since the first OLED TV was introduced by SONY at the 2007 CES. This new television builds on the superior motion quality and high contrast of OLED technology by improving on brightness and color through the use of quantum dots which can produce color without a filter.

Samsung also announced their reimagined 2022 Smart TVs which feature the ability to watch with someone else remotely and allow for the connection of third-party gaming controllers for instant play without the need for a physical console or any other accessories.

Sony developed the Bravia Cam, a small camera that when connected to your TV can optimize both brightness and sound output based on how far away and in what direction you are sitting. Among more typical capabilities like video calling, the Bravia Cam also allows you to set motion controls like the ability to pause content with a simple wave of the hand.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

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Sony surprised CES spectators with a sneak peek of its next-generation PlayStation VR headset, also known as the PlayStation VR 2. This headset is said to feature vibrating feedback, eye-tracking, a 110-degree field of view, and foveated rendering – a technology that optimizes resolution in areas where the eye’s fovea is directed.

Facebook’s newly rebranded parent company, Meta, also debuted their own VR headset called Cambria which is set to go on sale in the coming year. Also referred to as Project Cambria, this face-tracking device is expected to feature object reconstruction in mixed-reality in true AR spirit, lifelike avatars, third-party app experiences, improved comfort, and optimized control abilities.  

Automotive Tech

Ford outdoor advertising on JCDecaux Digital City Information Panel in Chicago

Amazon is no stranger to automotive integration; The Alexa personal assistant has been available as an add-on to several car models since 2018, but the distribution and technology giant has unveiled its plans to expand its Fire TV into Ford and Lincoln vehicles – its first expansion since being made available for Jeep’s Grand Cherokee, Wagoneer, and Grand Wagoneer models.

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, announced new updates to Android Automotive - an operating system known for creating highly user-friendly interfaces that seamlessly connect drivers to Google’s wide array of services from the Play Store to Google Maps. The most significant update unveiled at CES 2022 was a new USB-A wireless adaptor that can provide owners of older vehicles the same Android Automotive capabilities.

Arguably the most memorable automotive technology unveiled at CES 2022 was BMW’s iX Flow which can allow the all-electric iX vehicle to change color by use of a dynamic E Ink display on the car’s exterior. This innovative display also has a practical purpose; as the iX panels shift to white on hot days, the interior cabin can maintain a cool temperature that helps to improve overall energy efficiency.

Smart Home Products

Kohler outdoor advertising on JCDecaux Digital Newsstand in NYC

Smart products have been all the rage for years now, but new developments from Kohler are taking the concept of a smart home to the next level. Their PerfectFill technology which can fill a bathtub with a simple voice command officially hit the market after being initially announced at CES 2019. Not only can this drain kit and digital valve pairing fill a bathtub to your ideal depth, but it can also draw a bath at your preferred temperature.

Also joining in on the smart home craze is Samsung with a 2022 makeover of their original Samsung Family Hub smart fridge. The redesigned refrigerator comes with a built-in tablet with a 21.5-inch touchscreen, support for Samsung TV plus, and an enhanced internal camera that can scan labels to maintain an accurate and consistent inventory that can be accessed on your smartphone.