JCDecaux out-of-home is offering some valuable inspiration for Americans looking to prioritize physical health in the new year.
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Now more than ever before, online delivery services for groceries are being used by consumers to achieve a balanced diet consisting of fresh home cooked meals. 

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While not a new service, online grocery shopping has exploded in recent years with a current customer base of roughly 150 million shoppers or close to half of the country’s population.

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Of course, what is a healthy diet without regular exercise? Over 64 million or 19% of Americans belong to a gym, and yearly resolutions yield an influx of new memberships.

According to a recent survey, 39% of U.S. adults want to prioritize improved fitness in the new year and 37% want to lose weight, making gym memberships one of the most popular New Year’s initiatives.

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Home cooking and exercise are solid foundations for a healthy lifestyle, but many Americans choose to consume additional supplements like protein bars or multivitamins to ensure optimal nutrient intake.  

In fact, 4 in 5 American adults or 86% take vitamins or supplements according to a 2019 online survey.

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Just as New Year’s represents a fresh start, it’s also an ideal marketing opportunity for brands looking to reach consumers eager to act on their resolutions.

For these brands and more, out-of-home remains the most effective media format for promoting relevant messaging where it’s guaranteed to leave an impact.

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