With the crazy year of 2020 still among us, consumers look to escape reality and find entertainment, as most of their time is spent at home. The popular video game Candy Crush has teamed up with JCDecaux on street furniture and in the airport space to bring some joyful distraction just in time for the holiday season!
Candy Crush’s campaign taps into the desire for an escape from everyday stress that so many people are feeling right now. Running on our Boston and Chicago street furniture networks as well as in JFK, EWR, and BOS airports, these head-turning ads are a reminder that a break from the news, holiday drama, and all the meetings is only a tap away.
By simultaneously utilizing national platforms on the street and in airports, advertisers can reach consumers in top DMAs across the country. Our full-motion digital screens allow for limitless creativity, as companies such as Candy Crush utilize the flexible functionalities to create their own story. Travelers in the airport experiencing high dwell times can download this fun game, as it is convenient and accessible by design. Advertising on our digital units, Candy Crush successfully shows off the captivating visuals of this addicting game and reaches consumers traveling for the holidays!