Doordash is revolutionizing the airport dining process with their new in-airport curbside pickup options!

Waiting in long airport queues for a quick meal between flights is a thing of the past with Doordash! The food delivery service’s latest advertising campaign lets passengers know that they can order in-app for easy in-airport pickup.

This new offering is perfectly suited for the ever-evolving airport experience. During the busy summer travel months, flying can be a time-sensitive situation - especially for travelers rushing to make connecting flights; With highly visible creatives on JCDecaux’s network digital charging stations throughout the airport, DoorDash is able to inform on-the-move and idling passengers that they can order and pick up a meal in minutes!

With coverage at busy airport gates, DoorDash is able to leverage extended exposure that effectively builds brand familiarity and offers multiple opportunities for real-time engagement; QR codes included within the creatives encourage instant app downloads.

Having already revolutionized the world of food delivery, the airport space is the next frontier for delivery brands- and JCDecaux is helping DoorDash be first-to-market.


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