In the mood for a drink? Hendrick’s Gin is leveraging the capabilities of digital OOH with their latest dynamic campaign on our New York Digital Network.
In just over 20 years, Hendrick’s has elevated their brand to one of the most innovative names in the spirit industry. Famous for their subtly yet decadent flavor-infused varieties, Hendrick’s has been credited by many as the primary force behind gin’s resurgence since the early 2000s.
The famous Hendrick’s apothecary-style bottles and "delightfully peculiar" taste called for an equally iconic advertising campaign, and our comprehensive network of digital street furniture panels was the perfect medium for rotating multi-creatives with dynamic activation.
It’s already well known that OOH can effectively reach both current and potential customers with its high-reaching, out-in-the-public formats. However, its dynamic digital capabilities can further impact consumer behavior with ideal opportunities for targeted advertising and storytelling.

A 2019 study commissioned by JCDecaux UK, Clear Channel, and Posterscope found that contextually relevant campaigns achieve +17% more effective audience response on average, while a 2015 report from Talon Media found that campaigns with time-specific content can increase sales by nearly 50%.
Creatives related to brunch, cocktail hours, and weekend gatherings coincided with time and day-specific triggers to create an advertising experience with precise relevancy – a dynamic strategy known as dayparting. Additionally, weather specific triggers like rain, snow, and temperatures below 40 degrees had their own specialized creatives.
This campaign’s focus on contextual relevancy did not stop here; holiday-themed creatives were also used to reach consumers ahead of festive gatherings and gift exchanges.
These highly targeted, well-designed ads on their own can capture the attention of on-the-move consumers. However, with our citywide digital network, consumers are likely to be exposed to multiple creative variants throughout the day, effectively increasing message frequency and subsequent recall.


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