Increasingly popular mattress brand, Casper, is engaging Manhattan consumers through the end of summer with our vast OOH network.

At the beginning of August, Casper took to our digital screens across New York City to attract exceptional sleepers who wanted the opportunity to be compensated for their talents.

 Immediate action was made easy with large QR codes posted within the creative. By scanning the code, consumers were taken to Casper’s website where they would find details about the offer.

This initial strategy helped to drive buzz, general awareness, and potential online searches for additional product information- the first steps in the marketing funnel.

Building upon the brand interest achieved by the first ad, Casper continued to move consumers through the funnel by sparking purchase consideration. This was done by outlining Casper’s uniquely low price point as compared to competitors.

OOH remains a trusted advertising format due to its power in guiding viewers towards a purchase; its hard-to-miss placement combined with strong creative design easily grabs attention, while its inherent credibility can effectively drive actions in line with campaign objectives.

 Casper’s creative evolution solidified their intended image as a brand that could satisfy even the most troubled sleepers without breaking the bank. The addition of a call to action within the ad encouraged viewers to check the Casper website for store locations.

Beyond the packed streets of Manhattan, commuters in and around Chicago are also being informed of Casper’s unique mattress deals with our large-format digital screens alongside the city’s busiest expressways.

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